Western Easter falls on 12 April and Orthodox Easters falls on 19 April

Kulich is traditional Russian Easter bread, tall and cylindrical in shape. Very rich and buttery, it is fragrant with vanilla bean, golden raisins and bits of moist pineapple.


Prices: One to four pound sizes....$ 16.00/lb


Pascha is a rich and indulgent pyramid-shaped spread served with the Kulich.
It's made with a base of very creamy baker's cheese, butter, sour cream, sugar 
and vanilla bean. Both are made using authentic, old time family recipes.


Prices: One to five pound sizes...$ 18.00/lb

Place orders in advance for pickup during Holy Week or before. We ship world-wide. Pre-payment required by credit card for all shipped orders.


To order e-mail katiacaters@gmail.com or call 415-668-9292


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