The list below reflects the wide selection of zakuski (appetizers) and desserts, and the per person price for each item. There is a variety of menu choices and it is easy to determine the cost per guest using your budget parameters as a guide and thus allowing you to "build your own banquet".


(For a description of the appetizers see the restaurant menu pages)


Our soups and entrees, as listed on our restaurant menu, are charged for individually for the price noted. Entrees, however, can be served family style or ordered individually.

Add $3.00 per person for each appetizer below:

Dill pickles * Marinated mushrooms * Eggplant caviar
Sauerkraut * Cucumber and Tomato Salad
Luncheon size piroshki (beef, mushroom or cabbage)


Add $5.00 per person for each appetizer below:

Salade Olivier * Vinaigrette * Shrimp and Pea salad
Stolichny salad * Herring w/boiled potatoes 
Smoked salmon * Salmon caviar * Pork or Chicken Holodetz
Beef, mushroom or cabbage cocktail piroshki
Potato Vareniki * Sauteed pelmeni with curry sauce


Add $6.00 per person for each appetizer below:

Single blin with sour cream and a choice of
salmon caviar, smoked salmon, or herring
Sturgeon in Aspic * Mushroom julienne


Add $9.00 per person for tea, coffee and pastry


Napoleon, Pavlova, Chocolate Walnut Meringue Torte
Cheese desserts - Blinchiki, Vareniki, Syrniki

All drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic,
are for a separate charge.


Corkage is $20.00 per 750 ml bottle.


All prices are subject to 8.5% sales tax and an 18% gratuity.


We can offer valet parking and live music for all events. 

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